Oswald Campesato:

Oswald is a strong believer in education, an avid devotee of AI, and a frequent speaker at various events. He is a former Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics (ABD), with multiple Master's and 2 Bachelor's degrees. He has published 20 books, and his latest book title is "Python for TensorFlow." In a previous career he worked in South America, Italy, and the French Riviera, and during that time he traveled to more than 70 countries throughout the world. He is fascinated with Japan, and aspires to become proficient in Japanese. Oswald is an instructor at UCSC (Santa Clara) for Machine Learning, Deep Learning/TensorFlow, Deep Learning/Keras, and later this year: Deep Reinforcement Learning with NLP.

Customer Review

Professor Campesato did a great job presenting deep learning material in the context of the Tensorflow framework, which was impressive given that it’s relatively still rather new and has yet to be adopted across many industries and academic settings.  Course material was well organized with ample amounts of experimental and sample code to run.  Explanations could have been a little less hand-wavy and more detailed, but given the wide variance and broad backgrounds of many of the class participants, this was understandable that it had to err on the side of generality rather than specificity.  Professor Campesato definitely has a lot of knowledge in this area and definitely keeps up to date with the cutting edge tech and frameworks being used at the leading deep learning companies, and is always talking about the latest papers he’s read and the latest conferences and meetups he’s attended / would like us to attend.  Overall, this class was great.  Mundy Reimer
kirk goodall Professor Campesato has a thorough understating of TensorFlow. The course had to cater to professionals who only have evenings to devote to the course material, otherwise, I am sure he could have constructed even more challenging problems sets.
cameron bailey I enjoyed the course. Oswald is very knowledgeable about the course content and, on the occasion he doesn't know an answer to a question, he researches it and comes to the next class with a well-informed answer.
amarinder chahal Overall, great instruction and guidance. Taking the class with him was a wonderful experience.
Books Published 1) "C Programming Pocket Primer" (2018) by Mercury Learning